Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spell checking input fields

Most browsers now (except for IE) have a built in spell checker that underlines unrecognized words as you type.   Firefox by default only underlines words in multi-line input fields but you can always right click and select spell check from the context menu to spell check a single line af:inputText element.   There is a configuration setting in firefox that can be turned on to enable spell checking on single line input fields but it's not easily accessed and since single line inputs are often used for common names, addresses, products etc that are not in the dictionary you may not want this turned on globally.   These browsers now support the spellcheck attribute on the html input element that you can use to force a field to be spell checked or else turn off spell checking.  We had a need to turn this on for a single line input field in firefox so I was able to make it work by adding a client listener to the af:inputText element that calls a javascript function when the element gets focus that sets the spellcheck attribute to true.  The client listener looks like this.

type="focus" />

Note that I used an inline function but you should put this in a .js file to reduce page size, especially if it is used for more than one input element on the page.

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