Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Creating Page level accelerator (hot) keys

ADF allows you to set access keys on buttons.  For example
<af:commandtoolbarbutton accesskey="o" 
            action="OpenDetails" text="Open" />

The accessKey must be a single character and in firefox, in order to use the access key you have to hit Alt+Shift+o.

What if you want to use an accelerator key for other types of keystrokes? Menu Items are the only component that supports accelerator keys so for example to add a hot key for CTRL+0  you would need to add a menu item somewhere on the page 
<af:commandMenuItem action="OpenDetails" 
                       accelerator="ctrl 0" />

A menu item needs to hang inside a af:menu and af:menu needs to hang inside a menuBar so if you only want to use the accelerator feature without displaying a menu you will need to hide the menu container (menuBar).

using inlineStyle="display:none".   Now have the menu item perform the same action as the button and you have just created an accelerator key stroke for your button.

 Oracle Documentation on Accelerator Keys

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